Sunday, July 4, 2010

Menu Plan Monday rolls around again ...

Recap on last week - work continues to be ridiculously busy (I really wish everyone would just go away on vacation already!), so there were some gaps that developed in the plan. The stromboli was divine, especially with the BBQ chicken and bacon, although next time I would probably drizzle a bit more BBQ sauce over the whole thing before I roll it up, since the flavour wasn't quite "barbecuey" enough. We didn't get around to making the stroganoff, but it will hold over. The garlic chicken pasta was nice but too high-maintenance to do on a regular basis - the one thing I like about normally cooking pasta is that it's a little bit set and forget - constantly having to watch over and stir the pasta in the milk was a PITA. Shepherd's Pie was delish (as usual).

This week is shaping up like this:

Sunday - Tuna Cakes (the original is with salmon, but I think tuna should work)
Monday - Chicken Stuffed Croissants (can't remember who I stole it from, but this will be the first time I try it - if it's good, I will track down where I got it from)
Tuesday - Mini Cheddar Meatloaves (using the texas muffin pan, instead of faffing around with shaping them into little loaves)
Wednesday - Cauliflower cheddar fritters
Thursday - out with DH
Friday - Curried Cheese and Bacon Chicken (adapted to crockpot, since I'm lazy like that sometimes)
Saturday - at the in-laws

Plus I will also be making some Bacon and Vegetable Slice for my lunches.

So that's what will be cooking at our house this week. Head on over the for loads more menu plan and menu planning ideas.

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  1. MMM Cauliflower cheddar fritters sound really good! Summer really makes me want veggies!